Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Different Kind of Adult Entertainment In Kansas CIty

Paul Mesner with two of his puppets
Paul Mesner Puppets Offers Kansas City Adults A Funny and Different Kind of Entertainment

Since I work at a local library, I often get to meet the talented and interesting folks who do programs for our patrons.  

Last week, I met Paul Mesner of Paul Mesner Puppets when he did a hilarious and nontraditional rendition of Little Red Riding Hood at our branch.  Both kids and grown-ups laughed hysterically at the silly and clever play.  

In speaking with Paul Mesner before and after the program, I learned that he has been working with puppets professionally for 35 years, has traveled throughout Europe with his puppet programs, and the best thing of all -  I discovered that this man is not only talented, he is really, really funny.

I asked him, only half-jokingly, if he had ever considered stand-up comedy.  He chuckled and said no, but that besides doing puppets shows for kids, he does puppet shows for adults.

"What?" I asked, somewhat confused because I had never heard of him doing any programs for adults.

"In fact," he grinned, "We have an adult puppet slam coming up next month." 

"Tell me more."  I badgered him curiously for further details.

He followed up by saying that approximately every three to four months he has one of these events in his theater at 1006 E Linwood Blvd.   The next one was going to be on August 17 and 18 at 8:00 p.m., have 8-12 bits and feature 4-5 different performers.

"However," he warned, "It is definitely an adult show with adult themes.  It is naughty, hilarious, and everyone has a great time."

He hooked me.  I was intrigued and am always up for a new adventure - so in other words, I'm going to go to the puppet slam, and I plan on having an evening of complete fun and entertainment.

If you are looking for something different to do, wanting to have a fun experience, and could use a little adult humor in your life, this is your chance too.  Tickets are only $10 each and are available by calling the central ticket office at 816-235-6222.

For more information, you can also contact Paul Mesner Puppets at 816-756-3500, or visit his website at

You might also be interested in knowing that Paul Mesner Puppets has an entire season of puppet shows scheduled for all ages - which even includes The Nativity, a holiday show in December featuring seven-foot puppets who move through the aisles of Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral (13th & Broadway) to music and chorale accompaniment.

After meeting Paul Mesner last week, I am convinced that he is a vibrant and integral part of the creative core of Kansas City.  If you get a chance to experience one of his shows, my advice is - you should go.


  1. As far as talented and interesting folks out there in Kansas City goes, this was an eye opening opportunity for me to be introduced to one of them. I vaguely knew of Paul Mesner and his puppets, but now can have a plan of action to catch one of his puppet programs. I'm especially interested in his holiday show in December and am marking my calendar....again thanks Amy for highlighting what Kansas City has to offer.

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  2. Thanks for reading my blog! Hopefully as time goes on, I will be able to introduce you to more interesting Kansas City folks!

  3. I vaguely knew of Paul Mesner and his puppets, but now can have a plan of action to catch one of his puppet programs.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. I just set up the blog through Google blogspot - it was pretty easy. I will make sure and visit your site too.

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