Monday, August 6, 2012

Visiting My First Kansas City Food Truck For Lunch Is A Tasty Experience

DECO "Street Eats" Food Truck Proves To Be A Good Choice For Lunch

DECO Street Eats Food Truck
Recently I found myself in downtown Kansas City during the lunch hour.  I was hungry but also looking for something different to eat, so I decided to visit my first food truck. 

I wasn't exactly sure where the trucks would be located, but I thought somewhere around the Jackson County Courthouse would be a good guess.  I was right.  Lined up on the street behind the courthouse was a row of food trucks offering Kansas City's  urban population a variety of lunch options.  

For a few minutes I walked back and forth in front of the trucks, scouting out what choices were available.  The most popular option by far was BBQ, but something about the first truck in line, the DECO Street Eats truck, caught my attention.

I walked back to their big red truck for another look at the summer menu.  It was then that I noticed their logo, Fresh + Simple = Delicious.  That sounded pretty good, and I didn't really want anything greasy or fried, so I decided to put them to the test.  

Their menu included turkey, roast beef, Mediterranean, buffalo chicken, BBQ pork and chicken salad sandwiches, along with chicken club wraps and a variety of side items like garden and Caesar salads, fresh fruit, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans and macaroni and cheese.  They also had cookies for dessert.  In other words, they were an upscale deli on wheels.

By the time I decided what I wanted to eat and stepped up to their window, I was ravenous.  When I ordered, however, I received my first lesson about food trucks.  Get there early or they will run out of certain items.  I was crushed that I didn't get to sample the macaroni and cheese for that reason, but I was still determined to try one of their tasty-sounding sandwiches.  

1/2 of a Woodsman sandwich with chips and drink
I selected The Woodsman, which was freshly-sliced roast beef topped with caramelized onions and creamy horseradish sauce, served with my choice of cheese and bread.  Their sandwiches also came with one side item and a drink, so I chose chips and a soda.  

And how did my sandwich taste?  Just like they promised - Fresh + Simple = Delicious.  

Classic Turkey sandwich with potato salad

My sister, who was with me, ordered the Classic Turkey sandwich, which included freshly-sliced, honey-smoked turkey breast and cranberry aioli (mayonnaise) with her choice of cheese and bread.  She picked the potato salad for her side item.  

So what did she think about her lunch?  She was somewhat neutral about the potato salad, but loved her sandwich, especially the fresh cheese, and she decided she would definitely try DECO Street Eats again. 

As far as price, each meal was $7, which we thought was reasonable for what we received.  Side items purchased on their own were between $2 and $3, and the cookies were two for $1.50.

While waiting for my food, I did speak to the gentleman working inside the truck to find out more about DECO Street Eats and Catering.  I discovered that they do not have a regular street food route as some trucks do.  They are sometimes at the courthouse or at First Fridays (in the Crossroads), but more than anything, they cater for special occasions, corporate events, and weddings.

This makes it hard for me to tell you exactly where you can go to sample their yummy deli selections, but you can contact them at their DECO Catering website if you want further information about where they might be in the future.  

As for me?  If I happen to see their food truck again, I will be a repeat customer.  Their food was fresh, slightly different (in a good way), and a much healthier choice than a lot of other food trucks for a quick and delicious lunch.

DECO Street Eats Truck


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