Friday, March 15, 2013

Is Everyone In Kansas City Irish?

Browne's Irish Market - A K.C. Treasure
What is one of the biggest holidays in Kansas City?  Anyone who lives here will tell you it's St. Patrick's Day.  With a huge parade through the heart of town and big celebrations throughout the city, the entire area turns into a sea of frenzied green on that festive day.

If one of your favorite parts of St. Patrick's Day in Kansas City is eating Irish food, consider trying Browne's Irish Marketplace.  Through St. Patty's Day, they are offering a traditional Irish breakfast for $12.95 which includes rashers (bacon), bangers (sausages), eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, Irish soda bread, toast, coffee, Bewley's tea, and orange juice.  They also have several yummy holiday lunch choices like corned beef and Irish potato soup.  

Located at 3300 Pennsylvania, Browne's is only a block away from the St. Patrick's Day parade route, so it is a perfect place to start your holiday fun or to grab a bite to eat after the parade.  Even better, on St. Patrick's Day, Browne's is providing a large outdoor heated tent, live Irish music and dancers, bagpipers, a children's Irish village with inflatables, games, vendors and a bar for the crowds that are sure to be in the area. They will also be open expanded hours on Saturday, March 16, and Sunday, March 17.

Opened in 1887, Browne's Irish Marketplace is a Kansas City cultural and historical treasure.  Walk through their doors, and it feels like you have stepped back in time a hundred years (in a charming way).  At its current location since 1901 and still run by the family of the original owners, the worn oak planks on the floor creak as you step inside and try to absorb everything crammed into the store and on its walls (even in the bathroom).

The main room consists of an old-fashioned meat counter, tables and chairs for dining, and shelves of various Irish gifts and packaged foods.  If you decide to pop in at Browne's you will notice many "regulars" occupying seats in the eating area.  That's because their deli has such tasty food - and by the way, their egg salad sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies are delicious.  

Besides the main room, Browne's has expanded so there are now several more rooms stuffed to the rafters with Irish hats, home decor goods, kilts, hoodies, scarves, baby clothing, and so much more for the person who wants or needs anything Irish!

Browne's Irish Marketplace is usually only open through lunch, but once a month, they host "Third Thursday" and offer an Irish dinner, cold beer and live music from 5-9 p.m.  In June, they also host a street fair event.  

Whatever you decide to do for St. Patrick's Day, be safe, have fun, and consider checking out Browne's Irish Marketplace for a fun, tasty and traditional Irish holiday experience.


  1. I like to try a traditional Irish breakfast that you described :) This article is so good with beautiful photos!

  2. Thanks for your comments. I hope you try the Irish breakfast!