Monday, September 10, 2012

Remembering Our Fallen Military Tribute Comes To Kansas City

Remembering Our Fallen Tribute
With September 11 looming on the horizon, I am reminded of the horror of what happened on that day eleven years ago.

I am also reminded of all the brave military men and women who have lost their lives since then.

It is my appreciation of these military personnel that made me drop by the Great Mall of the Great Plains in Olathe this weekend to view the "Remembering Our Fallen" display, which is a "tribute to those who have died as a result of wounds suffered in a war zone, while in uniform, since 9-11-2001."

This particular tribute focuses on fallen Kansas soldiers and Marines, but the "Remembering Our Fallen" organization does do tributes for fallen military from other states as well.

The display at The Great Mall is not large or fancy, but it is extremely touching. As I circled around it, 72 photos looked back at me. That's 72 faces who were sons, spouses, parents, brothers, and more - and who proudly gave their lives for us.

Also attached to many of the photos are personal notes from family members letting them know how much they are missed along with cards from complete strangers thanking these American heroes for their dedication and service.

Perhaps the tribute is particularly touching to me because my oldest son is a Marine veteran who served in Iraq, but I felt it necessary to visit this exhibit just as a way to say thank you to these special people and as a reminder that they may be fallen, but they are not forgotten.

If you would like to check it out for yourself, The "Remembering Our Fallen" tribute will be set up at the Great Mall of the Great Plains through September 12 and was put together by Patriotic Productions, an organization formed by Bill & Evonne Williams of Omaha, Nebraska - whose four sons have all served in the military.

If you would like to learn more about their organization, you can visit their website at

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