Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kansas City Offers Great Dining Choices For Food Lovers

Food Lovers' Guide to Kansas City by Sylvie Hogg Murphy

A Review of Food Lovers’ Guide To Kansas City by Sylvie Hogg Murphy

Already world famous for its juicy, lip-smacking BBQ, Kansas City proves it has much more to offer the culinary palate in Food Lovers' Guide To Kansas City by Sylvie Hogg Murphy.

Just published last September, Food Lovers’ Guide To Kansas City lists a large variety of restaurants from quaint eateries with farm-fresh seasonal offerings, like The Farmhouse or Blue Bird Bistro, to classic steak houses, like Jess and Jim's or The Golden Ox.

It even includes wonderful Asian choices like The Vietnam Cafe or Lulu's Thai Noodle Shop and newer culinary hot spots like Genessee Royale Bistro in the West Bottoms. 

The guide is divided into 11 geographic areas and includes the address, phone number, web site, price range, and hours of each food establishment.  There is also a personal review of each location along with menu favorites and helpful tips about individual restaurants. 

Even better, within each geographic area, the locations are divided up further into four main sections:  area favorites, long-established landmarks, places to go on special occasions, and specialty stores and markets.

The downfall of Food Lovers’ Guide to Kansas City is that it isn’t as quick as using a mobile app to help suggest a new dining experience, but on the plus side, in addition to typical restaurant listings, the guide lists local farmers markets, delis, wine stores, butchers and bakeries, cafes, taverns, wine bars, culinary events, information about local wine and urban farm steading classes, and even a few recipes from some of Kansas City’s top chefs.

Additionally, the guide lists local papers and media with devoted sections to food and drink (i.e. The Kansas City Star, The Pitch, Ink, Tastebud, PBS’s TV show, “Check Please”) and local food blog sites like Kansas City Lunch Spots.

Size-wise, Food Lovers’ Guide To Kansas City is fairly small, making it easy to slip into a backpack, purse, or car storage compartment if you want to have it handy when you are out and about and get the urge to try a new place. 

You are being forewarned that Food Lovers’ Guide to Kansas City doesn’t and can’t cover every great restaurant in Kansas City, and it doesn’t explore some geographic areas as well as it could (suburban areas), but it is a great place to begin your culinary dining exploration of Kansas City.

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